The Medfield Youth Lacrosse Organization is committed to offering the youth of our community a progressive and supportive sports program built on the foundation of fair play, honesty, integrity, and physical and emotional fitness. Our pursuit of a valu

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Welcome to the Medfield Youth Lacrosse Registration page!

Winter and Spring registration instructions for all programs - Boys and Girls.



Important note: Any unpaid registrations are automatically deleted once you log out so be sure to pay to complete the process.  Registraiton is not valid until payment is submitted.  






Are you registering for the first time?  

Select the program [Girls or Boys, Program – Spring or Winter, and applicable grade] and follow the registration steps.  The system will walk you through how to build your family's profile information and add the children interested in playing lacrosse. Follow the remaining steps and accept the agreements and waivers.   Any unpaid registrations automatically delete once you log out so be sure to pay.


Are you registering a returning player?  

Login with the same account you used last year.  Your family's profile information should appear.  IF YOU DON'T SEE YOUR FAMILY PROFILE THEN YOU ARE LIKELY LOGGING IN WITH THE WRONG ACCOUNT.  You will see information on your children who played last year and have the opportunity to register new players. IMPORTANT:  If you forgot your password you can retrieve it by typing your email address in the log in section and leaving the password section blank - the system will send you an email.  If you have changed your email address since last year - send an email to and we will assist you.  We do not want you to create duplicate accounts - your child's jersey number and prior team data will be lost.


Q: What are the Spring Season fees*?
A:  Fees by grade: 


Medfield Day Pricing Early Pricing

Regular Price

Boys & Girls 1st & 2nd

n/a n/a


Boys & Girls 3rd & 4th

$200 $225


Girls 5th – 8th  

$250 $275


Boys 5th – 8th  

$250 $275


  As announced but usually available only up until Oct 1st Thru Dec 31st  

Payment is done on-line and by credit card only (MC and VISA accepted).

DISCOUNT RATES:  (Updated for Spring 2023) Families with three or more children registering in the Spring program are eligible for a discount. Registering a 3rd player will result in a $120 discount.  A 4th player will also recieve an additional $120 discount.   Discounts are applied automatically regardless of when registrations are submitted.   The system looks at all spring programs including the 1st and 2nd grade clinic to determine eligibility.   

Additionally, MYL has a $1,000 maximium per familiy for the spring season.  No familiy will pay more than $1,000 regardless of how many players are registered. 


How do I obtain uniforms?

For Spring Uniforms - our online uniform store will open in January and you will receive an email announcing it.  For grades 3rd to 8th Grades: New players and those who lost or out-grew last year’s uniform will need to order a new one.  For 1st Grade: Players will receive a complimentary jersey.


What is your refund policy?

    Winter: We will withhold $10 per player for processing fees if registration canceled. No refunds are granted after the season begins.

    Spring: You may cancel at any time and receive a partial refund until March 1st.  MYL will withhold $10 per player for processing refunds and will withhold other non-refundable expenses which may vary by program (e.g.: US Lacrosse memberships, FGLL insurance, etc).   No refunds are granted after March 1st.

  **In the event of a cancelled season (winter or spring) due to COVID-19 or other such disaster, MYL will refund expenses that have not been incurred. Examples of expenses that cannot be refunded may include, but are not limited to, administration, US Lacrosse membership, FGLL membership/insurance, field rental fees, and league team fees.



How will you keep me updated?

MYL uses e-mail as the primary means of communication. Please be sure to check your junk-mail and spam-mail folders for emails. The emails are sent from our website service provider - You may need to add them as a trusted source. Do not reply to - we will not see the emails!

Who do I contact for assistance?

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at  .  Additional contacts can be found here.  More information is also available on the Registration FAQ page 


 Please start the registration process by scrolling down to the appropriate program.